Laurence Finet

Digital Catalogue “The Body Electric”

Digital catalogue of a digital visual group art show presented at ICRE (International Conference on Resident Education) by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in Halifax, Nova Scotia, October 2018.

Catalogue digital d’exposition de groupe d’art digital présentée à la Conférence internationale sur la formation des résidents par le Collège Royal des Médecins et   Chirurgiens du Canad à Halifax, Nouvelle Ecosse, October 2018.

“Echarde” and “Taking position” at 2:22 to 2:56

“The Body Electric understands art as an intervention that explores, disrupts, deepens and re-imagines medicine. Art offers a set of practices for meaning-making, looking, and reflecting through which we can stand in new relations with the subjects and objects of health care.”

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